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TradeSET is a free service provided by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) to help you understand how trade occupations operate in Australia and is part of the process for applicants applying for the:

  • 457 Skills Assessment Program (for applicants from nominated countries working in nominated occupations who are applying for a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457).
  • Offshore Skills Assessment Program (applicants from nominated countries working in nominated occupations who are applying for permanent migration).
  • Job Ready Program participants (as a guide only for participants in understanding trade occupations in Australia).
  • Trades Recognition Service (for Australian residents who are seeking formal recognition of their trade skills for employment and/or occupational licensing purposes).

TradeSET must be used to progress through the skills assessment process for the 457 Skills Assessment Programs, Offshore Skills Assessment Programs and the Trades Recognition Service (TRS)

TradeSET may be used by Job Ready Program participants to assist you to work out whether a potential employer is able to give you work at the expected trade level in your occupation in Australia. For the Job Ready Program, TradeSET is a guide only. TRA will determine if your employment is suitable for the Job Ready Program after you register for Step 2.

Important information for 457 Skills Assessment Program, Offshore Skills Assessment Program and Trades Recognition Service applicants:

  • The TradeSET report is not a formal skills assessment or a qualification.
  • If you already hold an Australian (AQF) qualification relevant to the occupation you are applying for, you DO NOT need to complete TradeSET. Refer to the Applicant Guidelines for details.
  • Please ensure that all your information is correct, particularly your passport number and, Given and Family names are exactly as they appear on your passport.
  • Persons applying for skilled migration are required to meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's English language requirements. Further information about this and other immigration requirements can be found at

You can locate a TRA-approved registered training organisation (RTO) to conduct your skills assessment through the relevant Applicant Guidelines for your program. This is also available on the TRA website:

Once you have completed and finalised the self evaluation, TradeSET will send you a final report by email. Your TradeSET report will show any additional skills you may need to work in Australia and will help you decide whether to apply for a formal skills assessment.

You must provide your TradeSET report to your selected RTO.

For more information on the 457 Skills Assessment Program and Offshore Skills Assessment Program, Job Ready Program and Trades Recognition Service please read the Applicant Guidelines on the TRA website.

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